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Music so hello everyone it's me japi from earring tutorials today in this video i will show you how to edit pdf files for free on any iphone devices so with any furthermore delay let's begin so first of all you need to open the app store in the app store you need to charge for one application name as office mobile as you can see here microsoft office just tap on it as i've already download and install it so i'm not going to do it again so you download and install it firstly and the good thing is that this application is totally free of course so you firstly download and install it so after installing just tap on open on opening the application for the first time you can see is user interference so what you need to do next is this will just minimize it and now what you need to do is open the files application now here you can see our pdf file as you can see in the video of video file so let me show its properties there is information so you can see here it's a pdf file so what you need to do is just tap and hold now you can see the below share applications just tap on share now here you can see office applications just tap on it now what you need to do is here you can see here on the above three dot icons now you can see here below convert to word just tap on it now you can see your video file has been converted into the word document files now you can edit those files just by or you can add any words and below also you will get all the pictures that is present in the pdf file itself so once you are done what you need to do is you can see here above just tap on the street or icons now you can see export just tab on it now here you will get two options you can save it either again in the video format so if you want to save in the video format just tap on the video and you can keep the file name and where you want to save in on my phone that is the files autofiles app just choose your choice of storage so i'll choose the file shape since you are done and you can see here on the right above just tap on the move just i'll just replace it and your file has been saved so in this way you can easily edit your pdf files for free on any iphone devices so if you've never known about this cool tricks then you should definitely try it out today and i'm sure it will be helpful for you in some days so this is the only way to edit the video files for free on any ...