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I want to publish my book, but most publishers are asking for editable PDF of my book in advance. How should I ensure that my content won’t be plagiarized?

If I had a rupee for every time a writer asked me that… *sigh* Okay here’s the thing. no one wants to steal your work. Bro, publishers get hundreds of manuscripts a month—most of them in editable formats. How many cases have you come across when it comes to plagiarism from a debut author? If it’s a reputed publishing house probably zero. Do your research before sending your manuscript. You have nothing to worry about if it’s a reputed and well-established publishing house. Their job is to publish books, not write them for someone. It’s not in their interest to plagiarize someone else’s work, and it’s not profitable. Their reputation means everything and t’d not like to risk it at the cost of stealing a story when there are hundreds of them already with them. And sorry for what I’m about to say—no offense intended (this applies to me and 99% writers out there)—your work is not that good that a profitable and reputed company will risk everything t’ve got just to steal your story. Your work is replaceable. And most of the brilliant books out there are so brilliant because t’ve had a team of people working their ass off to ensure perfection. When you become a successful, best selling author? Yes, be careful then. Publishers or not people would want to steal your work. But right now? Not so much. Lastly, email communications can be considered as legal evidence. So if something really does happen (which it won’t with a good publisher) but if it does, your email correspondence with the company is proof enough that your work was stolen. (Although, ideas do not fall under the realm of copyright just FYI. But then, if you’re scared someone will steal your idea then let me tell you, someone out there probably already has written a story quite similar to yours. T didn’t have to read your book to do that though. There’s no such thing has a 100% original work of art. Also, if your book does get published—hundreds and thousands of people might read it, the chances of them being “inspired” or outright stealing your idea and making a story of their own will become even more probable, and you won’t be able to do much about it unless t’ve copied portions of your book word-for-word, or like in a very obvious manner.) Point is, please relax. Trust me, t’d rather work with talented authors and help their work reach the bookshelves than go through the stress and risk of stealing their book.

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Good luck in your indie publishing adventures, —Nate I didn’t say to put your work in the public domain unless it's copyrighted. Advertisements Like this: Like Loading...

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